Vintage vs Secondhand

When shopping in-store or online at a thrift store, you can find quality secondhand or vintage pieces for great prices. When scavenging through thrift stores, it’s important to know the differences between secondhand and vintage. Our team at Thrift World wants to help you make the most of your thrifting experience and understand the difference between these common phrases. Shop at Thrift World for secondhand and vintage clothing in Omaha.

What is vintage?

Thrift stores can have a wide variety of items which makes them a great place to shop if you are trying to be kinder to the environment and to your wallet. An overall standard for an item to be considered vintage is for it to be at least 20 years old. Unlike a secondhand item, a vintage piece doesn’t have to be previously owned by someone else to gain the title. Vintage items do need to remain in good condition to remain in this category. Lots of shoppers gravitate towards vintage items due to the overall good quality of the item, the historical longevity and the retro design. If an item is over 100 years old, this would be considered an antique item. 

What is secondhand? 

A secondhand item can technically also be a vintage item if it qualifies. To be secondhand, an item has to be owned by someone previously. Resale values of secondhand items are determined based on the brand, quality and condition of the item. When thrifting a secondhand item, the price point is usually more affordable in comparison to a vintage item.

Vintage shopping tips

Don’t rush

Finding a brand or item that you desperately want is an art and it can take time. Looking through racks and racks of clothing at your local thrift store can be exhausting but also well worth the effort. To ensure you find what you're looking for, take note of when they get new items and the layout of the store. Then you’ll be better prepared to find exactly what you want when you want it.

Check out the item

Not every vintage find is worth it. Be sure to inspect your vintage item for quality fabric and any imperfections, this way you know if you will get the best use out of it. Make sure to check the tag for “Made in the USA,” this is a good sign that this item is authentic and vintage.

Check tags

Checking tags is important, especially when it comes to vintage pieces. Sizing today and sizing on your vintage item will most likely be different. For example, a vintage size eight is more similar to a size four today. 

Vintage clothing Omaha 

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