Tips for spring cleaning

The days are getting longer and temperatures are getting higher; spring has officially arrived! With the weather changing, now is a great time to get a head start on your spring cleaning. Although this process may seem cut and dry, it can be a daunting task. Our team at Thrift World wants to help make spring cleaning a breeze with these tips. 

Spring Cleaning Tips 

Warmer weather is coming! Use this time as a reason to go through your closet and get rid of items that no longer fit, are damaged or need to be stored away for the upcoming seasons. Here are some spring cleaning tips when downsizing your wardrobe becomes a necessity.

Purge your closet

When spring cleaning your closet, starting by purging it is typically the best idea. This will allow you to try on clothes you might be unsure about. From there you can divide everything up into piles if you want to keep, donate or trash. Donating unwanted items to a thrift store near you is a great way to give clothes a second chance at life. If an item is stained or damaged beyond repair, then it is warranted to be thrown away. 

Seasonal items

Not every piece of clothing has to be in your closet at one time! Bulky sweaters, parkas, hats and scarves aren’t going to be worn in the spring and summer; put these in storage until their time comes again. When putting your seasonal clothes in storage, maximize your space by making sure you're keeping only what you actually wear and need.  


You’ve done the hard part, going through everything in your closet. Now it’s time to organize everything that you’re keeping. The way you organize your closet is up to you and your personal preferences. You can organize by color, types of clothes or what you wear most often to least often. If you’re looking to rotate your clothes more often, after you wear an item, turn the hanger away from you to identify it as being worn. This will help you freshen up your wardrobe and keep you from outfit repeating.

Donation pick-up Omaha

Don’t throw away your unwanted items! Thrift World accepts gently used clothing, accessories and household merchandise. You can make a donation by visiting one of our on-site donation bins or by scheduling a donation pick-up Omaha appointment through our community partners for free. 

Thrift Online Stores

Have items you want to donate after spring cleaning? Schedule a donation pick-up Omaha today. Shop our Thrift World locations around the Omaha Metro, Council Bluffs, Carroll, St. Joseph and Kansas City! Can’t make it to a thrift store near you? Can’t make it in-store? Browse our inventory by shopping online.

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