The return of preppy style

If you love a classic and chic look then this trend is for you! Prep is back and, thanks to TikTok, has had a big refresh. Find out how to elevate your collared shirts and pleated skirts to fit this year's style. Accomplish this classic look by shopping secondhand at a thrift store near you.

What is preppy style?

For most, preppy style means blazers, button-down shirts and boat shoes, in 2023 this trend is still staying true to its roots while getting a little bit of a refresh. Preppy style is known for being uniform and not bending the rules. With this fashion refresh, prep is getting its time to shine in the new year. Make preppy style work for you by adding your own flare to the trend.

Where did it originate?

Those who came from old money and attended Ivy League schools were considered to be “preppy”. With a certain education came a standard for dress code, which caused prep style to be born. Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger were big names in the fashion industry creating uniform looks. In the ‘80s preppy style was very uniform, but now prep is being reinvented and is all about embracing individuality. Need ideas on what preppy clothing pieces you can modernize? We’ve got you covered.

  • Sweater vests
  • Crew neck
  • Rugby shirt
  • Tennis skirt
  • Button down
  • White sneakers
  • Cable knit sweater
  • Straight leg jeans

Refresh your style

If you’re trying to avoid your old school uniform and elevate your preppy looks, we have a few tips. To accomplish this trend and make it feel new and refreshing, avoid clinging to predictable colors and typical preppy pieces for every outfit. A leather trench coat is a perfect statement piece to work into your outfit that gives it a little edge and a sense of personal style. Another is oversized blazers, instead of your typical fitted blazer, try an oversized blazer in a color or pattern that adds to the outfit. Vests are in and are fun to layer with! Add a knit or waistcoat vest for added warmth and style. 

What to avoid

This trend is getting a refresh! Avoid these fashion disasters when navigating preppy style. Layering is a tricky thing, you can do it right or wrong. Cardigans on top of cardigans is a layering trend that is taking off. Boring fabrics have no business taking up our closet space! When putting together your outfits, look for fabrics like corduroy to add texture. Solid colors have had their time to shine, now color block is in. If you can work a color block sweater into your outfit, do it! 

Thrift store near you

Find your favorite preppy looks at a thrift store near you. Shop our Thrift World locations around the Omaha Metro, Council Bluffs, Carroll and Kansas City! Can’t make it to a thrift store near you? Can’t make it in-store? Browse our inventory by shopping online.

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