Five budget-friendly ways to update your home for spring

Spring has sprung! The warm weather is inspiring people to spring clean their homes and redecorate for the change of the season. Transitioning your home’s decor for spring can be hefty on your wallet. 

The good news is that there are low-cost ways to update your home for the spring. This is all thanks to some of the best thrift stores in Omaha and a little DIYing. Refresh your home for the spring with these tips. 


Add natural light 

Kick the winter blues to the curb with some natural light. Letting in more natural light into a room can boost your mood and make it look bigger. How do you add more light into a room without having to add a window? 

Let more light in by updating your window treatments and adding mirrors. Swap those dark and thick curtains for lighter ones. Then, add a mirror or two into a room to help reflect more natural light into the dark spaces. 

Splash some color

From the flowers outdoors to colorful baskets at the store, you tend to see lots of color in the spring. This does not mean you need to repaint your entire house. You can splash some color through home decor. 

You can incorporate your favorite spring colors in throw pillows, colorful glassware and even change your artwork. Save some money by buying these items secondhand at one of the best thrift stores in Omaha.

Upcycle old furniture

Do you have old furniture that is taking up space in your garage or shed? Instead of tossing it to the dumpster, upcycle it. Upcycling is transforming an unused item into something reusable. Give that old piece of furniture a new purpose by getting creative. You can flip unused dressers into desks or kitchen carts. If you do not have old furniture to flip, visit a thrift store for vintage and low-cost furniture. 

Include greenery

Outdoors, the grass is getting green, and the flowers are blooming. You can bring those spring elements into your home with some house plants. Certain plants can even refresh your home’s air. 

If you are looking to save some money on plants, thrift your pots. Thrift stores carry a wide variety of items that can be repurposed as pots. For example, tea cups and baskets can be reused as pots for your plants. 

Create an outdoor space

As the weather starts to get warmer, you might want to spend more time outdoors. Do not let your outdoor space go unused. Expand your living space by adding outdoor seating

Patio furniture can be expensive, but thrift stores carry a wide variety of secondhand patio furniture. One trick to making different pieces of outdoor furniture look more cohesive is by repainting them. 


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