Fall color trends 2022

What colors come to mind when you think of fall? It’s likely the typical warm-toned colors of yellow, orange and red that we tend to base our wardrobe around. This season fall is looking a little different. Of course, typical fall colors are still going to be worn as per usual, but bold colors are making an appearance. Check out thrift shops near me to stay on trend this season.

Colors of fall


On the runway and on the streets, blue has always been a popular color. This fall, denim isn’t the only way blue will be incorporated into your wardrobe. On the runway chunky blue sweaters, long statement coats and pumps were featured in the trendy pacific blue hue. Unlike most warm-toned fall colors, this cool color is bold and is sure to make a statement.

Burnt orange

Orange is making a comeback! Although it is a staple fall color, it is not often sought after. Celebs have been seen sporting iconic orange looks, such as Rihanna wearing a fuzzy orange coat. Not only is it trendy but it’s perfect for chilly fall nights. Lily Collins took a classy route for her look. She styles burnt orange in an orange pantsuit paired with heels.

Lime green

This color trend is packing a punch this fall. Pair different hues of lime green together such as a blazer and a dress for a truly unique look. A cozy staple to have on hand this fall includes matching sets! These are perfect both to wear out and for lounging around at home.


Thanks to Barbiecore, pink is in style! Not like this fun color was ever out, but here’s how to style it this fall. Love a good pair of leather pants? Great, now find a pink pair! This will be an everyday staple this fall. Leather is a chic way to dress up any outfit. 


Although this is among more of the neutral colors this fall, it is still very trendy and fun to style! Beige is a go-to color for many. Stand out even while wearing basic colors by styling a monochromatic pantsuit with a blazer and a matching purse. This is a timeless look and is perfect to dress up or down.


Brown is anything but boring. Style this hue by pairing a basic top with a fun pair of brown patterned pants and pumps. This outfit is perfect for a night out on the town!


Much like the changing of the leaves, yellow is a color that usually makes an appearance during the fall. Yellow oversized sweaters, dresses, handbags and blazers are all easy ways to incorporate this bright color into your fall ensemble. 


Standout even while wearing a neutral color. Monochromatic sets are more popular than ever. A pair of matching trousers and a vest top is perfect for a chic look.

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