Common Donor Questions

We offer a variety of different convenient ways to donate. Many people call our Donation Call Center and get directly scheduled, as we have so many wonderful loyal repeat donors. The process for them is as easy as calling and telling our staff they are a return donor and would like to schedule with our free residential pick up service. Return donor address and contact information is already in our system, those calls take less than 2 minutes.   Others call for directions to our drop off locations. We have over 300 drop-off locations between Kansas City and Omaha. Some people prefer to drop off at the closest store location where a drive thru attendant can unload your items for you. We are here to make donating as easy as possible and we can assist in multiple ways.


Q.  What donations do you accept?

A. We love all clothing items; especially shoes, belts, purses, hats and accessories. We also take home decor, electronics, jewelry, games, puzzles, toys, tools, good condition furniture, small appliances, books, and we always enjoy unique antiques!

Q. How much notice do you need?

A.  This one is a little tricky but we service our local areas within 48 hours during the work week.  Some times we can offer next day pickups, depending on how our routes fall and what day you call.

Q.  Will you pick up in the rain?

A. Yes! but if you prefer to reschedule we certainly understand and will get you scheduled on the next available service day.

Q. Do my donations help the local community or non profit?

A.  Absolutely, Thrift World is a retail thrift store company that promotes recycling and re-use of used clothing, accessories, and other household goods in partnership with non-profit organizations. All donations help support local non-profit partners.

The next time you are cleaning out a closet, garage or maybe downsizing we hope you think about Thrift World and its local non-profit partners.  To visit a store and find some great deals and amazing prices in Kansas City or Omaha click here.  Or shop online around the world at

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