Five ways to celebrate Halloween at home

Five ways to celebrate Halloween at home

Halloween might look a little different this year due to COVID-19. However, that does not mean that you cannot do Halloween activities at home.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that you can still celebrate Halloween as long as you follow social distancing rules and wear masks. One of the best thrift stores Independence Missouri and Omaha wants to share five ways to celebrate this holiday at home. 

Decorate your home with Halloween decorations

One of the safest Halloween activities at home is putting up Halloween decorations. It can be an activity that the whole family can participate in, from the youngest to the oldest. You can either craft decorations or buy them from your favorite thrift store

Here is a list of Halloween DIYs that you can do with thrifted items:

Carve a pumpkin 

Nothing says Halloween like carving a couple of pumpkins. You can pick-up your pumpkins at a local grocery store or a pumpkin patch. Before you start to carve your pumpkin, sketch a design on paper. That way, you reduce the risk of messing up.

Now that you have your design start carving the pumpkin by cutting from the bottom. Cutting your pumpkin’s lid from the bottom prevents that side from caving in. Next, you want to remove the pulp and then start carving your design. 

Scary movie night 

Nothing like getting your scare on then by watching a scary movie. Gather the whole family to watch their favorite Halloween movie. It is a safe way to celebrate without having a large gathering. You can make the night cozier by giving everyone blankets and snack bowls. You can buy these items at thrift stores Independence Missouri. If you want to be extra creative, DIY some Halloween bowls for your snacks!

Halloween themed dinner

If you are looking for an excuse to wear your Halloween costume, have a Halloween themed dinner with your kids. This is a great chance to showcase your creative skills. You can thrift some skulls, pumpkins or candlesticks that you can use to create a Halloween themed centerpiece. Do not forget to bake Halloween snacks for dessert with the bakeware you thrifted. 

Do a neighborhood parade 

Another way to celebrate with your neighborhood is by doing a social distance friendly parade. Ask your neighbors if they want to start a parade. Each home can take turns walking around the block to show the neighbors their spooky costumes. 

You and your kids can get creative and DIY your own Halloween costumes. Thrift Stores offer a wide range of clothing that you can use to create everything from a cowboy to a princess. Not to mention, there are also Halloween costumes available for purchasing. 

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