Essential Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 Marvel, By Lee, Stan Comic Book


Type: Paperback

Format: Unknown

Book Title: Essential Incredible Hulk, Vol. 2 (Marvel Essentials)

Publication Name: Marvel Comics

ISBN-10: 0785107959

Author: Lee, Stan

Artist/Writer: ? [As &Quot,Dan Adkins,Stan Lee,Roy Thomas,Herb Trimpe,Bill Everett,And Others&Quot,Frank Giacoia,Archie Goodwin,John Severin,Marie Severin,John Tartaglione,George Tuska,Gary Friedrich,],Syd Shores

Character: General Ross (Flashback to the Hulk's Origin),Maximus (Villain),Rocky (Villain),Glen Talbot,The Knights of Wundagore,Betty Ross,Sandman (Villain),The Leader's Super Humanoid (Villain),Mr. Fantastic (Guest Star),Fantastic Four Invisible Girl,KA-Zar (Guest Star),Trolls (Villain),Human Torch (Johnny Storm),The Thing,General Ross,Hogun,Executioner (Villain),Swamp Men (Villains),Hulk (Bruce Banner),Silver Surfer (Cameo),Fandral,The Legion of the Living Lightning,Tony Stark (Guest Star),Fandrel,Dum Dum Dugan (Guest Star),Namor,Communists (Villains),The Galaxy Master (Villain),Triton,Mister Fantastic,The Lord of the Living Lightning (Villain),Thunderbolt Ross,Loki (Villain),Nebulo (Villain),Leonus (Villain),Silver Surfer,Aireo (Villain),Abomination (Cameo Flashback),General Thunderbolt Ross,Black Bolt (Guest Star),Zabu (Guest Star),Heimdall,Mandarin (Villain),Al (Villain),The Legion of the Living Lightning (Villain),The Mandarin (Villain),The High Evolutionary,Dum Dum Dugan,Glenn Talbot,Randau, the Space Parasite (Villain),Blastaar,Igor (in Flashback to the Hulk's Origin, Villain),Lockjaw (Guest Star),Asgardians,Teen Brigade,Nick Fury,Timberius (Villain),Inhumans (Guest Stars),Mandarin RoBoT (Villain),A Knight of Wundagore,Yuri Brevlov (Villain),Umbu (Villain),Rick Jones (Flashback to the Hulk's Origin),Nick Fury (Guest Star),Colonel Brevlov (Villain),Sandman,The Leader's Super-Humanoid (Villain),The Missing Link (Villain),Volstagg,Romnar (in Flashback),The Puppet Master (Villain),S.H.I.E.L.D. (Guest Star),The Leader (Villain),Rhino (Villain),Stallior (Villain),Gorgon (Guest Star),Gabriel Jones,Oldar,Enchantress (Villain),Falcona (Villain),Rick Jones,Odin

Series Title: Essential Hulk

Issue Number: 2

Era: Modern Age (1992-Now)

Language: English

Cover Artist: Chris Dickey,Marie SEVERIN,Frank Giacoia

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Publication Year: 2001

Genre: Superheroes

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