Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can thrift

Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can thrift

One of the most romantic days of the year is near! Valentine's Day is on February 14th, and that leaves you little time to find the perfect gift. If you are on a budget or in search of something unique. 

Head to a thrift store. To prepare you for your shopping trip, our Independence thrift stores team shares with you the history of this day and some gift ideas

The history of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day started as a feast day for a saint named Valentine. Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14 to be St. Valentine's Day. Who exactly was Saint Valentine, nobody really knows. There are several legends and accounts, but nothing is concrete. 

One legend says he was a Christian who refused to convert to paganism and was ordered to be executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II. Before he was put to his death, accounts say that he cured a jailer's daughter. 

While another legend says Saint Valentine was a Roman priest who would secretly marry soldiers who were forbidden to get married. As a result of his actions, Saint Valentine was patronized as the saint of love. The modern day celebration of Valentine's Day began with Geoffrey Chaucer and a love poem that he wrote. 

Five Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can thrift

Vintage jewelry

You can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry. Thrift stores have a wide variety of jewelry options, from rings, bracelets, necklaces to earrings. You can buy your significant other a one of a kind jewelry piece that you can no longer purchase in stores. Plus, it will not cost you as much as a brand new piece of jewelry that you can find in the retail stores. That allows you to buy more pieces.


Purses and handbags make life a little easier. There are tons of different styles and colors to choose from. A lot of people have a collection of handbags that have their favorite designer. If you have a significant other who likes handbags, consider thrifting one. Thrift shops carry designer and vintage bags that will add value to anyone's collection. 

Sports gear

For many people, sports are a way of life. If you have a significant other who eats and breathes sports, you cannot go wrong with some collectible gear. Thrift stores have tons of sports gear that you cannot find anywhere else. They have sweaters, jackets, shirts, jerseys and hoodies. Also, some thrift stores even have collectibles like autographed balls, cards or pictures. 

Vinyl records

If your significant other is not much of a sports fan, consider giving them a vinyl record for their collection. Instead of buying one from a retail store, try thrifting one instead. Many thrift stores carry vinyl records. You could probably find vinyl records that are no longer sold in retail stores or that are hard to find. 

Romantic dinner

Skip the dinner reservations and create a dinner at home. You can find everything you need from plates, glass wear to candle holders at a thrift store. Thrifting for your romantic table setting will save you money and give your dinner that vintage and romantic look

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