Thrift World’s partner: Community Services League

Thrift World’s partner: Community Services League

Nonprofits and charities are a vital part for any community. They provide services that support and strengthen communities. Thrift World is proud to be partnered with the Community Services League and other various nonprofits and charities that help us collect clothing donations. 

Before you start searching for donation bins near me, we want to share what the Community Services League does and how Thrift World is helping in their mission. 

Who is the Community Services League?

The Community Services League (CSL) is a nonprofit organization that provides social services in Eastern Jackson County, Mo. This organization focuses on providing food, clothes, shelter and employment services to those in need. Their mission is to empower families to move from poverty to self-sufficiency.

The history of the Community Services League 

The Community Services League was founded in 1916 by a group of local women that included the future First Lady of the United States - Bess Wallace Truman. These women saw a need to help people in their community and decided to fill it. 

Although the services they provided are different from today, they still strive to support the community. In the past, the Community Services League provided coal to families to keep their homes warm. They also protected children and would place them into foster homes and adoption. For those unemployed, this organization would help people find jobs in farms and factories. 

Today, the Community Services League still strives to keep homes warm and helps families pay their utility bills. This organization still protects children, but now it helps parents to feed and clothe their children. Also, it ensures that children have the supplies they need to succeed in school. To help those unemployed, this organization helps teach people how to write resumes, find job openings and learn interview skills. 

Like in the beginning, the Community Services League still relies heavily on volunteers and community support to provide these services. It works closely with the City of Independence, the United Way, the Junior Service League and other organizations to promote their services. 

The Community Services League programs include:

  • Income support program

  • Employment services program

  • Housing counseling program

  • Financial counseling program

How Thrift World helps the Community Services League 

Thrift World's partner is the Community Services League. This nonprofit organization helps us collect the clothing, shoe and items by having donation bins near me across the community. Thrift World then pays CSL for all the donations they collected. 

This, in return, helps fund CSL's multiple programs and keeps their pantries stocked. In 2018, the Community Services League distributed $1,230,457 of food and clothing to families in that area

Thrift World also helps furnish families' homes receiving help from the CSL's Housing Counseling Program. The families come into the Thrift World store to shop. In 2018, the Community Services League provided $491,1812 in rent or mortgage assistance to families facing imminent homelessness.

Are you looking for donation bins near me?

Choose Thrift World! By donating your unused items, you can help fund programs that help families in need. Thrift World has various donation bins around the Kansas City, MO area. You can drop off your donation at these multiple locations or call for a free at-home pick-up donation