Covid Updated Response Plan

Attention: Thrift World Team, Donors, and Shoppers

Subject: Thrift World Updated Covid Response Actions

Date: June 1, 2020

Dear Thrift World Family,

We want to share with you some of the most recent actions we have taken regarding the Covid-19 crisis.

1-We have created a safer shopping experience by widening many shopping aisles, added 6 foot social distancing stickers, and have removed some display areas. We have added clear acrylic sneeze guards at each check out register. 

2-We have had all of our stores floors freshly stripped and waxed. 

3-Our Cleaning schedule has been updated to ensure we are frequently cleaning the high touch areas. We have added hand sanitizer pumps to each sales floor  entry area. We have also hired a professional Cleaning service to do deep cleaning and sanitization. 

4-We have purchased an abundance of protective equipment for our workers such as masks and gloves. Our Driving teams have also been given masks and gloves for additional protection. 

5-The entire team has been advised that if they are not feeling well to stay home. 

We are constantly listening for updates from health and government officials. We will quickly make adjustments to ensure safety for all of our shoppers, donors, and team members. 


Thrift World Management.