A guide to thrifting for leather jackets

A guide to thrifting for leather jackets

One piece of clothing that seems to never go out of style is the leather jacket. This jacket is both functional and stylish. It has grown in popularity and transformed over the years. Nowadays, there are even jackets that look like genuine leather but are fake.

If you love the look of leather jackets but hate the price, consider thrifting one. Thrift stores carry leather jackets from different decades and styles. Not sure how to thrift one? Check out these tips on how to thrift a leather jacket at your favorite thrift shops Omaha, Council Bluffs and Independence locations.

What are leather jackets made out of?

Leather jackets are made from the hides of various animals. The heavy-duty leather jackets can come from cow, buffalo or horse-hide. In contrast, lightweight leather jackets come from smaller animals like sheep, pigs and goats. 

If you do not want to purchase an item of clothing made from animals, you can buy vegan leather. These kinds of jackets are not made from any animals but instead are made using polyurethane. 

Why should you thrift leather jackets?

People buy second hand items for different reasons. Some people prefer budget-friendly prices, while others want to reduce the impact on the environment. The process of making leather jackets affects animals and the environment. Animals used to make leather jackets are raised specifically for the making of leather. 

People tend to have the misconception that hides come from animals that are killed for meat. However, the leather industry raises and kills around one billion animals each year. It affects the environment because forests are cut down for the breeding of these animals. Buying second hand leather is one way to reduce the demand for this item.

Thrifting leather jacket tips

Get inspiration

Before your next thrift trip, find some inspiration online like Pinterest or Instagram. Search to see what style of leather jackets are trending this fall season. If you are looking to invest in a leather jacket that will never go out of style, look for a moto jacket, bomber or trench coat style

Search in the men's section 

Sometimes some of the best finds are not always in the women's section of your thrift shops Omaha locations. Do not be afraid to look at the men's section. There you might find a great oversized leather jacket

Read its tags 

Whether you are looking for genuine or faux leather, you need to read its labels. Real leather jackets will say 100 percent real leather or genuine leather. Faux leather will say man-made material or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). 

Check its condition

When looking through the racks for a leather jacket, be sure to check its condition. You want to make sure the jacket's zipper works, there are no holes or lingering smells. If the leather looks a little dull, remember you can always condition your leather jacket using products or taking it to a dry cleaner. 

Looking for some thrift shops in Omaha?

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